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As long-time fans of Ocean City, the founders of Blue Bimini had an idea for how they could spend more time at the beach while also helping to make OC a little better.  They decided to leverage the business expertise, software development skill, and marketing prowess that they accumulated over many years of building successful software companies to start a very different type of water transportation and excursion business in OC.

The Blue Bimini team set out to tackle parts of OC that they believe need some help:

  1. OC’s popularity is contributing to a growing traffic and parking problem that often leaves visitors feeling stressed and unhappy.
  2. OC has lots of loud and fast water attractions that have been around for many years and is in desperate need of something new.
  3. OC has a beautiful bay that goes unknown to many visitors

To address the transportation and bayside experience issues, the Blue Bimini team has established a regularly scheduled water shuttle that can move visitors from north OC to the inlet in a more pleasurable manor than by fighting the traffic on Coastal Highway.  In addition, the team created an on-demand water taxi service and a bayside boat charter service – all of which can be booked with a smart phone app.

Lastly, to address the need for a new and different water experience in OC, the team has introduced a sailboat – but not just any sailboat.  This sailboat – called “Alyosha” – is a 50 foot catamaran that has sailed around the world.  Alyosha is available for charter and is piloted by Captain Steve Butz.  Steve is one of the founders of Blue Bimini and he is the person who sailed Alyosha around the world.  A charter on Alyosha is unlike anything else that exists in OC and it adds a little romance to your vacation.