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Cornhole! Ice Cream! Hi-Speed Wifi!

What else could you need???


The “Kiosk” – as it is affectionately referred to – is Blue Bimini’s Ocean City headquarters.  It’s located at 118th street in the Food Lion shopping center.  This is also the northern-most shuttle stop for the OC Bay Hopper water shuttle.  This is where the water shuttle departs to the inlet – an express ride – and where it drops off for those heading northbound from the inlet.  It’s also a great place to park – and parking is free.

The Kiosk is where you can come to ask questions about all of Blue Bimini’s water transportation and excursion offerings, make suggestions, hop on the shuttle to head southbound to the inlet, or just say hello and hang out.  Oh – one more thing – we also sell the best small batch, handmade ice cream in the world at the Kiosk.  Just something extra we thought we’d throw into the mix to bring a smile to your face.